Block Island is now 100% powered by offshore wind turbines 

Starting today, the first ever offshore wind farm in the US will power Block Island. Not just part of BI, all of it. All 100 percents…That’s right, a tiny little island in the smallest state, 10 miles off the coast, is flat out MAKING MOVES in the world of efficient energy sources. Gotta love that.

Now I know what you’re thinking. More wind turbines, who cares? Normally I’d agree with you but these 5 turbines built by Deepwater Wind will actually be saving Rhode Islanders a boat load of money. Although costing around $300 million to construct, the wind farm is set to repay Rhode Islanders on their electric bill over the next 20 years. Block Island residents will only utilize 1/6th of the energy produced and still save an average of $30 per month on electricity. The rest of the energy will go to the mainland. This wind farm alone will power the equivalent to 17,000 homes and will represent 1.5% of total power usage in all of Rhode Island, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. After all, they’re just some spinning things in the ocean, how hard can that be to build?

All in all, this decade-long process will finally (and hopefully) start to pay off in the very near future. Some people think they’re an eyesore, but a lot of people will also say they are unique. In a society where we are constantly depleting our planet’s energy resources, it’s nice to know we are finding ways to produce energy more efficiently and in cleaner fashions.

PS- Martha’s Vineyard would never do this. It’s like they don’t even care about the environment. Scumbags, right?

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