Island Tap Customer Reaches Over Counter to Steal Tip Money


A customer at Island Tap on Park Avenue was charged with larceny April 6 at 8:04 p.m. for allegedly reaching over the bar and stealing a bag of money and running out the door. Police said Jorge Antonio Schoen-Cruz, 35, of 576 Park Ave., Portsmouth, was seen reaching for the bag by a bartender coming back inside after stepping out for a smoke. The bartender told police upon arrival that she knew the suspect because he is a frequent customer to the bar. The bag contained $415 cash and consisted of tip money, police said. ( 

Not to sound like a scumbag, but every time I see an open tip jar on the counter of a business, I get urges. I’ve never stolen money from a tip jar, but I would be lying if I said it hasn’t crossed my mind about a thousand times. They leave it so accessible to the customer, its like their asking you to take some. This guy had BALLS. He reached over the counter to steal an entire bag of tips. Such a gutsy move. One that I could never make, no matter what was on the line. Do you remember in high school how teachers would only give A’s to the students who put in extra effort and work? This guy got an A. He went above and beyond with his theft and sometimes you gotta tip your hat to a guy like him.

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