4/20 VOTE: Where is the Best Place in Rhode Island to ‘Cruise’?

If you haven’t checked your calendar, today is April, 20th, aka 4/20, aka an excuse to smoke an unnecessary amount of pot. Now, today isn’t for everyone, but for some people (a lot of people in RI) today is like a second Christmas – just with a different kind of tree. Some friends gather to celebrate the date in the comfort of their homes, while other more adventurous groups of friends squeeze into a car and head for their favorite cruising spot.

Here in Rhode Island, we have the luxury of having a ton of options when it comes to places to cruise a joint, blunt, bowl or whateverrrrr mannnnn. We want to do a little survey and see where your favorite spots are! The obvious: Ocean Drive (Newport, RI), Waterfront Drive (Wickford & Narragansett), Route 77 (Tiverton & Little Compton), etc. Type in your favorite spot in the box below and we will share the results this weekend!


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