50 Things to do on Aquidneck Island (Summer Edition) – #2


Two words, OCEAN DRIVE. Commonly referred to as the OD, the Ocean Drive is a gold mine for good times. Looking for stuff to do when it’s cold out? Cruise the OD, Looking for stuff to do when it’s warm out? Cruise the OD. Ocean Drive is every Aquidneck Islanders backup plan, their go to for something entertaining to do. You never know what you will get out there, guys doing crazy tricks with their kites, the occasional topless tanner. My favorite Ocean Drive regular is a guy and his black lab, this dog is crazy. His owner throws a tennis ball off decent sized rocks into the ocean and the dog jumps in finds it and even when you think theres no way that the dog will find a way up the rocky cliffs it does. Every time.

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