89 St. Patty Day Parade Arrests…Looks like the Police were't that Chill After All

newp pd

Eighty-nine people were arrested on various charges including drinking in public and disorderly conduct in Newport on Saturday and early Sunday during celebrations in honor of St. Patrick.

Yesterday said the police weren’t that bad this year at the parade. I take that back. 89 people is a lot. Blarney had 73. It just proves how hard we go. Cops are always gonna be out there looking to ruin peoples days. Haters Gon Hate. There were undercover cops in plain clothing ready to pounce on anyone who dares to crack open a beer. Like is that really necessary. I know its illegal but its just unfair. Its their job to control the partying which is fine, but why go out of your way to cite someone for such a victimless crime.

For the unfortunate 89, remember your city loves you. Someone had to take the fall. Take one for the team. So take your arrest and be proud of it. Think of it like a badge of honor. A certificate indicating you go harder than most. You earned it. Be proud.

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