Providence Mother of the Year Award goes too….


PROVIDENCE – A young mother who police say filmed herself beating her terrified 3-year-old boy was arrested Thursday after she snatched him from a Providence daycare center. Kaevion, the 3 year old,  had been removed from Dejon Towns’ custody and placed with his grandmother after the March 15 attack, said Providence Police Sgt. Carl Weston.  But the 22-year-old woman made bail for the child abuse charge and, Weston says, went after her son.

So difficult to believe this story. Just look at the mugshot. You got the good mother vibes too right? If beating your kids was an Olympic event, she’d take home the gold. This lady was legitimately begging to get arrested. Filmed herself doing it just so there would be evidence that would hold up in court. People like her are disgusting. Its a 3 year old kid for Christ Sake, if you don’t want a kid, don’t be a slut and have one. But there is good news for her, I hear prison inmates totally love and respect abusive parents and never beat them up- so she has that to look forward to.


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