Avicii hospitalized in Miami


Tonight Avicii was supposed to play a massive show at his own hotel, but a sudden hospitalization prevented that. No word on his condition but I’m hoping he’s stable and makes a full recovery from whatever his ailment is. He made Levels. Levels. Luckily Alesso filled that role and absolutely crushed his set. Now nothing is confirmed, but sources have speculated that this could be due to a possible bad batch of MDMA. This isn’t confirmed and I don’t want to spread something that isn’t true. but it has been acknowledged and if this is true this is showing how dangerous the ingestion of MDMA has become over the past few years. Don’t try and kill people. Don’t cut your shit. And if you roll, if that’s your thing, roll responsibly know who you’re getting it from, do some research, enlighten yourself in general. When MDMA really made it’s comeback a few years ago, it seemed as if most people who ingested it seemed to enjoy their experience and not have any long term negative effects, provided that they weren’t frequent users. Cause frequent users are zombies lets be real. Now all I hear about is people dying because of it. Electronic music should be about just that, the music, not the fear of someone dying every show cause they ate like 6 M’s and they were tainted.

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