‘Blackout’ Demonstration Held At Roger Williams University Because Yik Yak Can Get A Little Racist At Times


BRISTOL, R.I. — Diversity training for university faculty and an official rebuke of antagonistic social media messages were among the requests made by more than 100 Roger Williams University students Monday in a non-confrontational campus rally for racial equity and social justice. Unlike other recent college protests across the country, the Roger Williams event featured students rallying hand-in-hand with school administrators and President Donald Farish, who described their list of requests as “reasonable.” The students and school leaders found common ground not only in the list of eight requests, which didn’t include a deadline or threatened consequences if administrators fail to grant them, but in their disgust at messages being sent over the anonymous social media site Yik Yak. “Yik Yak is for cowards,” chanted black-clad ralliers led by Don Mays, director of the Intercultural Center. (Providence Journal)

I don’t want to bash RWU here, I think it’s a chill school and all, but am I really supposed to take their race protest seriously? Yes, I understand they’re calling it a “non-confrontational rally”, but any time a group of 100+ people get together to discuss race, there’s always a chance it gets out of hand, so in my mind it’s a protest; there’s nothing wrong with that either. As long as you’re not blocking highways, I don’t care that you’re protesting. All I’m saying is that if I were a RWU student, I wouldn’t be able to take this seriously at all. How could I when it’s so evident that race issues in other parts of the country are so much worse? Why would I care about about someone whining about a few comments on Yik Yak when hate crimes down south are way more extreme and severe? Let’s be honest, RWU is like the least diverse place in the world and demographics back that up:

There you have it, nothing screams diversity like having 3/4 of your student body being white. Hey RWU, accept more than 13 black kids. BAM, just solved all of your race problems. Seriously, I’ve seen 1930’s cartoons with more color. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks like this:

I’m not saying you have to be racially diverse to discuss race equalities, but this whole rally is a direct reaction from all the other protests going on across America, in places with WAY higher racial tension than a town like Bristol, RI. In other words, the issues Missouri University deals with are on an entirely different scale than what RWU deals with.

I think people see all the racial tension growing at other universities and think “well my school has minorities, they must be dealing with the same problems. I must make a stand!”. I guess when professors are quitting and presidents are resigning at other colleges due to race issues, it puts things into perspective.

It’s hard to take RWU and their #YikYakprobz seriously. I mean, who complains about Yik Yak? Anyone with a brain knows that app is specifically designed to build controversy. The people who complain about these nonsensical comments on a stupid app aggravate me more than the people actually posting the them. The people posting these comments have one goal, and that is to spark an uproar and to stir the pot a little. The people who take it seriously are the ones allowing it to get out of hand. By freaking out about it, you’re only helping the anonymous freshmen in Cedar Hall accomplish their mission.

At the end of the day, we’ve all seen the types of things that people say anonymously on apps like Yik Yak, and it is in no way right. But a silly protest isn’t going to do anything about what people say on an app that has upwards of 100,000 active users per month.

Just my 2 cents on this whole thing. Hope i didnt offend anyone. If i did, feel free to go on Yik Yak and complain about it.

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