"Blarney Blowout" wasn't that crazy #shitNoOneSays


pre-St. Patrick’s Day celebration near the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts spiraled out of control, pitting police in riot gear against thousands of drunken and unruly revelers at the annual “Blarney Blowout.”

Officials said early Sunday there were 73 arrests and four officers were injured in the clashes that included some students throwing beer bottles, cans and snowballs.

I can say with 100% certainty, that the Blarney Blowout, was the craziest party Ive ever experienced. From drinking at 9 AM, to hot chicks, to rioting, to getting shot at by cops, there wasn’t one person who had a bad time. Well besides the 73 who got bagged, but if your gonna get bagged, it might as well be at Blarney. Tell your kids that and shit. Put it on your resume.

Heres how the day went:

1. Wake Up…wasn’t easy
2. Start drinking…was easy
3. food run…cant party on an empty stomach
4. Continue drinking…from beer, to fireball, to bacardi, to UV Grape (how didn’t I puke)
5. Shower sesh with the boys…as gay as it sounds, if you dont take group showers while crushing brews with your buddies, you probably pee sitting down
6. Figure out where the fuck to go…literally parties were getting shut down left and right, so you have to be on your game when figuring out where to go
7. Once your at the party, drink a ton, meet new people, and throw shit….literally thats everything you do. Gotta beware of gettin hit by shit. And you dont get mad when you get hit, its more of a “whats blarney without gettin smacked in the face with a beer can” type deal.
8. Riot crowd vs Cops…this was the best part. They started coming at us when someone lit off fireworks. Straight shooting paint balls and throwing tear gas at hundreds of drunk college kids. Target practice city
9. Avoid arrests at all cost….literally the cops just pick and choose who they want to arrest. Always gotta know where the cops are. Before you know it, you throw a bottle, and a cop tackles you from behind and zip ties you.
10. Find other parties….duh
11. Drunk dining hall sesh…had to sneak into the dining hall to avoid using my buddies guest swipes. There were like 5 people checking for people sneaking in and I went right by them unnoticed. Stealthy as fuck. Was so drunk getting food, half my plate ended up on the floor just from walking around the d-hall….And of course you have to have a food fight between your buddies.
12. Power nap..have to rest up for more partying that night.
13. Start drinking again
14. Keep calm and party on

I could go even further but you get the picture. It was a crazy weekend. Glad I didn’t get arrested. Definitely going again next year. Isn’t even a question


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