‘The Blastmaster’ KRS-One, set to rock Newport Blues Cafe this Thursday

When: November 9th, 2017 at 9pm.
Where: Newport Blues Cafe
Tickets: http://www.newportblues.com (SOLD OUT)

Witnessing KRS-One catch-wreck in a live setting is bucket-list worthy if not life altering. Always a fuel injected dose of engaging edutainment, KRS-One channels conscious freestyles and writtens with lyrical dexterity. A legendary improvisator and larger than life persona whom is often listed in most seasoned hip-hop enthusiasts’ top 3 emcees of all-time. His lectures, many of which can be found on Youtube, stand alone as valuable contributions to our collective consciousness in their own right. Kris Parker aka KRS-One is so much more than a veteran emcee who is still dropping records and emphatically rocking stages around the world. His impact has and will be felt beyond the scope of his recording history as does that of the many greats listed throughout the annals of music and social activism. I would go so far as to say that in the future, to state the claim that you’ve seen KRS-One (or his former group Boogie Down Productions) perform live, in-person, will guage you’re percieved understanding of what hip-hop expression looks and sounds like in it’s purest form.

Sans crystal ball, I can tell you that class will be in session this Thursday at The Blues. You may be forced to think about grown-up issues while you are partying with the man they call “The Teacher,” but I guarantee that you will enjoy it and be thankful that you didn’t play hookie.

Make sure to come early and support local artists Camden Murphy with The Z-BoysFreddie Black with Spliftout, Lord Gremithy (of DirtyDurdie) and Kee-Words! Djnook & Jackie Treehorn on the decks.

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