Boss Man Burgers vs Five Guys


Where is the best place for a broke college kid to get a fast food burger on Aquidneck Island? Obviously it’s not gonna be McD’s or Wendy’s (not even gonna include BK). It comes down to either Five Guys or Boss Man Burgers. Both great options, but just like the Hunger Games, there can only be one winner…let’s break it down

Five Guys is somewhere you go no more than twice a year. There burgers are so fucking good, and there fries are to die for. It’s like an orgasm in your mouth with every bite. Plus they give you enough fries to feed a small African nation for a year (exaggeration but probably true). But it’s so unhealthy that if you go more than twice a year your heart literally just stops working.
Boss man burgers…another great burger joint, with many other good options on the menu, but we’re simply judging burgers and fries…Boss Man has good burgers, I wouldn’t say better than Five Guys, but not as greasy, so you can afford to have it a little more often.

So what is the right answer? If your looking to grab a quick burger I’d say Boss Man …Awesome burgers that will satisfy all your burger needs. Five Guys is definitely tastier, but you have to plan it out ahead of time. You gotta plan on not eating anything prior or else your next shit won’t be a memorable experience…So if your with a group of buddies and have the munchies, and no plans on being around females the rest of the day (cause you will have non stop gas) then Five Guys is the place for you.

Hope this helps, from one Burger lover/expert, to another.

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