Bridge Authority Increases Toll on Aquidneck Island Bridges


The Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority voted Wednesday to raise tolls on theSakonnet River Bridge. The Sakonnet toll will go up to 50 cents each way for those with an in-state E-ZPass transponder. Out-of-state drivers and drivers without EZPasses would be charged $3.75. The RITBA also voted to raise the toll on the Newport Pell Bridge from 83 cents to $1.04 for those with an in-state E-ZPass and from $4 to $5 for others, incase the Sakonnet toll increase is blocked by state lawmakers.

What did Aquidneck Island do to piss off the state so much? We literally can’t catch a break. One minute there considering removing the toll to the Sakonnet River Bridge, the next their increasing it? Just taking advantage of the fact we live on an island to fix the rest of the states problem. Why us? Why isn’t there a toll any where else in the state. Barrington’s rich, throw a toll at them. East Greenwich wouldn’t blink if they put one up there. All Im saying is that just because we need bridges to gain access to the main land, does not mean we should be the only ones suffering from the toll. Have you ever gone to New Hampshire? They just put tolls at random spots on the highway. Why not just do that? Its just bullshit that we’re surrounded by them. I can’t scratch my nuts anymore without paying a toll. Also consider, the amount of revenue and employment Newport brings to the state being one of the best summer vacation spots around. Meanwhile the bridge in Providence remains as free as a lap dance on your birthday. I wonder how many state officials go over that bridge on their commute to work (all of them). C’mon government, cut us a break.

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