Building Collapses At Bryant University

buildingSMITHFIELD, R.I. — Six people were taken to Rhode Island Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries Tuesday morning after an athletic building collapsed at Bryant University.The injured were working on a turf practice facility under construction at the campus.The police said a call for a building collapse came in shortly before 8:30 a.m. Several rescue crews were dispatched to the scene.Two ambulances, with lights flashing, were seen driving away from the campus on Route 116 in Smithfield shortly before 9 a.m. (Providence Journal)

And that is not how you prefer the semester to start if you’re a Bryant administrator. Typically, you tend to hope that your buildings stay in tact and don’t collapse on top of your students, but only so much can go your way. I should probably say that 6 people were injured from this but looks like everyone will be okay. These 6 don’t know how lucky they are. Whether they broke an arm or scratched their leg, if they’re not threatening lawsuit, then they don’t even deserve to go to college. This is what life is all about. When opportunities come your way, you take them and when a school with millions and millions of dollars is liable for you going to the hospital, well that my friends is an opportunity. You gotta jump on that. Milk some injuries, claim the pain keeps you up at night, maybe start walking with a limp, next thing you know college really did set you up for life. Not with a job, but with a couple million dollars in settlement money. Maybe Im shooting for the moon but if you’re not at least getting free tuition then you probably need better lawyers.

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