Chipotle customer’s credit card information is at risk; check out list of affected RI locations

Has there ever been a greater fall from greatness than Chipotle Mexican Grill? Some may say they’re the Tiger Woods of fast food. I remember back in the day when driving by a Chipotle was a “must stop”. Their burritos were top notch, you didn’t mind paying extra for guac, the restaurant itself was pretty clean, and you always felt like you got your money’s worth. Now you couldn’t pay me to go.

Flashback a year ago, Chipotle dealt with a widespread E-coli breakout. Everybody who ate Chipotle pretty much died (actually just got really sick). A lot of people gave up on Chipotle, but me being the loyal customer I am, I stuck with them. HUGE MISTAKE. Since then, I can recall two instances where I ate at scumbag Chipotle and immediately afterward wanted to get my stomach pumped. I actually had to pull over on Broadway in Newport to yack my guts out cause it was so bad. A ton of weird looks from strangers; even for Broadway, it was a strange scene. If I had any ambition, I would have called up scumbag Chipotle HQ and gave them a piece of my mind (again, no ambition and I hate dealing with customer service, so no chance that was actually gonna happened).

That brings us to today. Scumbag Chipotle’s all over the nation are just having a bunch of credit card information being stolen from their scumbag database. People everywhere pretty much going bankrupt (having to take 3 minutes to cancel their credit card) because scumbag Chipotle can’t get their shit together. Frankly, I’m disgusted. Appalled. I’m irate! How does a company with billions of dollars allow this to happen?!?!? How does the number 1 burrito supplier not named Taco Bell not only severely sicken their customers, but pretty much hand over credit card numbers to criminals? Only one word comes to mind. SAD!

Click here for a list of scumbag Chipotle locations in RI affected by this breach

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