David Ortiz will give commencement speech at one lucky college in Rhode Island

Boston Red Sox legend and future Hall of Famer David Ortiz (ever heard of him?) will deliver the commencement address at one lucky college in Rhode Island. If you are a URI student set to graduate this spring, get ready!!!! Just kidding- you will NOT be seeing Big Papi. Same goes for Brown, Bryant, Salve and RWU.

Believe it or not, New England Institute of Technology is the school that locked down the greatest clutch hitter in the history of baseball for their graduation. The East Greenwich school will present Ortiz with his first honorary degree. He will receive a doctor of humane letters in recognition of his leadership and work to help children in New England and the Dominican Republic who face significant health challenges.

How about that? Who would have guessed New England Tech would be the school to have David Ortiz at their commencement? Expect to see admissions increase by 500%. Hell, they might even make the jump to D1 sports even though they don’t even have sports teams. That’s just the influence guys like Big Papi have on colleges. Be jealous because you should be.

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