Did You Know…


Did you know the first ever US Open (golf) was held at Newport Country Club in 1895

I’ve been golfing for 10 years or so and didn’t know this. Kinda crazy huh? Im sure back then it wasn’t a big deal, but just look at what it became. I could say I have mastered the game of golf- it would be a lie- but I could say it. Some of my best naps have been from watching golf. Like THE BEST naps. Nothing like spending a Sunday in June passed out on the couch, catching some Z’s. The announcers voice so calm and relaxing. The sound of clapping after a long pause of silence. The peaceful music they play before and after the commercials. The perfect recipe for a quality nap. I’ve never played Newport Country Club, but its right on Ocean Drive. The perfect place for a golf course. So next time your going on an ODBC, take a gander at the golf course that started one of the greatest sports tournament of all time.

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