Everyone's On Board with Me That Cubed Ice is Way Better Right?


So Snooza put a poll up asking what the better form of ice is, cubed or crushed. This topic sparked a big debate a few months ago while my friends and I were hanging out, and has still been going. It got to the point where we gained the opinions via Twitter of John Feitelberg and KFC from barstoolsports.com. Both agreed with me that cubed is the better ice. I just asked my roommates and it sparked another huge debate. Its safe to say this question is universally concerning. I’ve always been team cubed ice. I’ve never taken a moment of my life to even consider choosing crushed ice. Doesn’t even cross my mind. Here is why cubed ice is better:

1. It keeps your drink colder for longer. You can poor yourself a glass of cubed ice water, sip it for a little bit, then go back to it a half hour later and still have a cold beverage. Crushed ice melts in like 10 minutes and before you know it your water temperature is at room temperature.

2. Have you ever swallowed an ice chip? Its the worst feeling in the world. You get the worst brain freeze and you can feel the coldness of the ice the entire way down your esophagus. Its worst than stubbing your toe to put it in perspective. It makes you wanna die.

3. Cubed ice only requires 2-3 cubes to cool your beverage. Crushed ice is just a billion little ice pieces and every sip you take you get little shards of it all over your lips and face. Cubed ice is just way more manageable. You know where your ice is at all times.

I could probably go on even further but you get the picture. Cubed Ice is just way better. Do humanity a favor and vote Cubed ice in the poll.

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