Gronk makes an appearance at Wrestlemania and does not dissapoint

This video reminds me why Wrestlemania is so awesome. See, I loved the event back when I was a kid. Back when it was real wrasslin’. But over the years, I matured and lost interest (thought my friends would make fun of me if I still watched it, so I stopped watching).

But the beauty of Wrestlemania is that anything can happen. People tend to overlook the fact that The Undertaker came back from the dead. The dead!!! As far as I’m concerned, as far as science is concerned, he’s the only person to ever do that. Then there was the birth of one of the greatest internet memes ever created:

And now we have Gronk, who went to Wrestlemania as a casual fan, and left as one of the top prospects for next years event. Words can’t describe the weirdness of Wrestlemania, but it’s just great TV. The worlds top athletes/actors going at it, dressing up in ridiculous costumes, assaulting each other with chairs, it’s the ultimate recipe for entertainment.

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