How To Get To The St. Patricks Day Parade From RWU

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.20.51 PMParade day is tomorrow and like we said in our parade survival / how not to get arrested blog, getting to newport and then back home safely is key. Most people try to organize rides with DD’s, but we all know that plan has about a 50% chance of actually being successful. So, why not just take the bus?

The RIPTA is probably your best bet for safe and easy transportation to and from the parade, its a great time too. During the ride into Newport, busses are packed to the limit with people covered in green and ready to drink until they pass out.

The parade starts at 11:00am so if you want to get there in time, you’ll want to try and get the 10:11  bus. That should give enough time to get to Newport and get to a good spot along the parade route. Just in case you want to go a little early or a little later, here are some other times you can catch the bus at the Mt. Hope Bridge stop. Also listed are the times to catch the bus back from newport.

From RWU –> Newport
You can catch a bus at the RWU stop during these times in the morning: 9:11, 9:41, 10:11, 10:41, 11:11, 11:41, and so on for the rest of the day every 30 minutes.
From Newport –> RWU
You can catch a bus at the Newport Gateway Center every 15 minutes going all day (3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, etc.). The last bus from Newport to RWU is at 12:35am Sunday morning. If you don’t make it on one of those busses then you’re either in jail, in the hospital, or probably passed out on some random persons couch somewhere in Newps.

God Speed to you all. Don’t forget to send us pictures and videos of you and your friends at the parade. We’ll see you there!

Heres the map of the route in case you’re still confused because you’ve never taken the RIPTA before in your life. For the complete bus schedule click here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.23.30 PM

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