Lemonade truck drives over Rhode Island beach seawall

A 68 year old women drove a lemonade truck over a seawall at Oakland Beach in Warwick over the weekend. The woman claimed she had hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to drive over the seawall and come to a stop at a steep angle, with the front of the truck in the sand. the woman was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

It’s tough to sell frozen lemonade when your truck is parked on a seawall. Really steep incline, makes going from the driver seat to the customer window quite the hassle. Just not an adequate working environment and I think OSHA would agree with me on that one. Luckily, for this lemonade company, the amount of free advertising they’re getting from news outlets covering this “story” and the picture getting shared on social media, is definitely worth the cost to buffer out the minor scratches and dents the truck endured from taking the spill, so all things considered, this is just good, smart business.

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