Narragansett High School Nurse Arrested for Heroin Possession….Stored Of Course, In Her Vagina

naragan hs

CHARLESTOWN, R.I. — A nurse at Narragansett High School is on paid administrative leave after being charged with heroin possession by the Charlestown police, school officials say. Lynn A. Magnusen, 52, of 1244 Shannock Road, Charlestown, is facing the drug possession charge after police say they found her unconscious in a car at Rippy’s Liquor & Marketplace at 7:10 p.m. March 13. Officers found a crack cocaine pipe and two syringes, one containing a clear liquid, in the car, according to police. Magnusen was taken in to custody, and retrieved a small bag of heroin from her vagina at police headquarters, police said.

We all know Rhode Island has a huge drug problem. Its no secret. Back in my day (2 years ago), the school nurse was someone you could trust. Someone who lets you sleep during school hours, who takes pride into knowing your only there to get out of your math test. Always willing to go the extra mile to make you feel better. But thats just not the case anymore. Nurse’s are suppose to tell you not to do drugs, not stash it up their vag. I know High School teachers and faculty have a life of their own. Once their shift is over, they have their own agenda. But I always assumed that agenda consisted of watching The Ellen Degeneres Show, complaining about their students, and grading my plagiarized papers, not shooting up in the parking lot of a liquor store. Was my entire high school experience a lie? I didnt go to Naragansett High School, but it doesnt matter. Can’t trust anyone anymore I guess.

PS- is the whole shoving paraphernalia up your butthole/vag thing in the past? Cant get away with anything anymore.

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