New Bill Proposes Parents Must Accompany Child at Bus Stop



PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Lawmakers are considering a bill aimed at protecting student’s safety while traveling to and from school. The House Committee on Health, Education, and Welfare is taking up a bill sponsored by Rep. Anastasia Williams (D-Providence), that would mandate all children from kindergarten through sixth grade be picked up by an adult at their bus stop. If approved, a parent, legal guardian, or authorized person would have to be waiting at the bus stop for their child to get dropped off.

We all remember our bus stop growing up. At my bus stop, we would play basketball, say dirty jokes, talk shit about people, etc. Then all of a sudden, some random girl started coming to the bus stop with her mom, and ruined EVERYTHING. Total buzz kill. No one wants to be with their parents while waiting for the bus. I can already imagine all of the awkward moments that will happen on a daily basis. My point is, by parents accompanying kids to the bus stop, its taking away a big part of the whole school experience. I can laugh about this now as my school bus days are long over. HA

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