Oklahoma Gun Range Acquiring Liquor License

A new Metro business, slated to open this spring, is taking the steps needed to serve liquor on-site. Owners say the state-of-the art indoor gun range will make history in Oklahoma, although across the country the concept is not new. At 40,000 square feet co-owner Jeff Swanson says Wilshire Gun will be a full-fledged destination. “As a group we wanted to build a place, the first one in Oklahoma, where you could go in, shoot, enjoy the retail area and then go to the café,” he said. The plan calls for 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes, a simulation room, classrooms, and VIP Lounge. But it’s the cafe that’s raising some eyebrows. Swanson says they want to serve food and alcohol. “I’ve not seen a business that does the firearms that has a liquor license,” saidABLE Commission spokesperson Capt. Brent Fairchild, “but it’s possible that if they apply they could be the first one.” Folks with the range insist it can be done safely. They say they’re working with several ranges from California to Texas who have never had a problem. They just have to ensure folks shoot, then drink, and not the other way around. (okcfox.com)
Love it. Love it. Love it. Cause what guy doesn’t wanna get drunk and shoot guns? Nothing could possibly go wrong. I can’t stop thinking about that scene from Superbad where McLovin is firing off rounds with the cops. Were they drunk? Yes. Were they having an awesome time? Yes. Am I super jelly that I can’t do that? Yes. It doesn’t make sense that in Rhode Island you can’t buy beer at a gas station, but in Oklahoma you can get it at a gun range. I don’t understand the logic but if thats how they do it in Oklahoma, then more power to them.
Drinking and gun laws are both extremely strict in the US so it makes PERFECT sense to combine them. Not to mention this will revolutionize drinking games. Shotgun a beer, spin around a dizzy bat, then take your 9mm and fire 10 shots at a target. Who ever is most accurate wins. BAM, sign me up. Now I understand there are gonna be strict rules that don’t allow people to drink before using their guns. Well guess what? Rules are meant to be broken. When it comes to something as awesome as this, people will find their way around the law. This is probably the smartest business move of all time. Bravo Oklahoma…Bravo

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