Pawtucket Teacher Assaults Student for Eating a Cookie


PAWTUCKET, R.I. — A teacher at Slater Junior High School was arrested after a parent complained that he’d pinned her 13-year-old son against the wall and yelled at him for eating a cookie in the classroom.

Pawtucket people do Pawtucket things. I always hated this rule. Last time I checked, eating is essential to life, so who is to tell us we can’t do it. I mean I understand if your a junior high school teacher in Pawtucket, your life is already in the shitter. Dealing with punk kids everyday and making negative money. Teachers have to enforce rules, I get it. But this teacher was literally so insulted that this kid had the audacity to eat a cookie in class. He knew he was gonna get arrested and lose his job, but in his head it was worth it. I mean he ate a cookie for Christ sake. Anything short of the death penalty is an insult to the justice system. Need to eat cookies with this kid and get teachers arrested ASAP.

PS- imagine if this kid had been texting…probably would of been killed twice

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