Peeps Doughnuts Coming to Dunkin' Donuts


For many Dunkin’ Donuts regulars, the return of certain seasonal menu items can be a sure-fire sign that spring has arrived in New England. But this year there will be a new addition to the popular chain’s menu – Easter-themed PEEPS Doughnuts.

Part of me wants to say this will be piff (for those of you who dont know what piff means, Webster Dictionary defines it as “really fucking good”). But at the same time, its just a regular donut, with a peep on it. Nothing too special. I can already imagine what it taste like. Just a regular donut, and when you get to the middle, you eat a peep along with it, and once thats gone its just a regular donut. Idk maybe Im missing something. Maybe when combined its the best thing in the world. I guess a donut review is in order. BTW I know donut is spelt “doughnut”, but I refuse to spell it like that. Just way to many unnecessary letters. DD really hit the nail on the head by shortening it. Just revolutionizing English words and shit.

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