People are outraged about the Big Blue Bug in Providence being vandalized

For the first time ever, “Nibbles Woodaway” aka the Big Blue Bug has been vandalized. Over the weekend, somebody had spray-painted graffiti on the 58-foot termite replica and locals are not pleased. For the past 40 years, the bug has overlooked Route 95 in Providence.

According to the Providence Journal, Tony Dejesus of Big Blue Bug Solutions has been receiving phone calls from people expressing their concerns and disappointments. The incident caused outrage on social media. By 2:30 p.m. yesterday, the article that was posted on The Providence Journal Facebook page had been shared by 801 people.

I know people for whatever reason love Nibbles and even referred to as a Rhode Island “landmark”. I would not bat an eye if Nibbles burned down in flames, but hey if you have some personal connection to this blue clunk of fiberglass, more power to you. I think people should just be thankful this was the first time something like this has ever happened because let’s be honest, Nibbles is a TARGET. I mean, the way he just struts on that rooftop, overlooking all of Rhode Island with his big bugged eyes, he was kinda asking for it. It’s honestly astonishing it’s taken people this long. 40 years with no vandalism is mind blowing. Anyone who has ever tagged shit with spray paint should see that the bug is in a prime location to get their name out there. Yeah, you’re asking to get caught as the bug is a stone throw away from Route 95, but no risk no reward. Even if you despise people who do things like this, you gotta tip your cap off to anyone ballsy enough to vandalize a very popular landmark while hundreds of cars drive by. Must have been one hell of an operation.

PS – Nibbles has a Wikipedia page, that’s shocking right?

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