Police report values Tom Brady’s stolen Superbowl jersey at $500K

I am not sure if this is surprising or not but Tom Brady’ missing Superbowl jersey is worth a boat load of money. $500,000 to be exact according to the police report. That is right, Tom Brady could buy your house with a jersey he wore for 4 hours during a championship game he’s already won 4 times. As a huge Tom Brady guy, even I am starting to think this isn’t right. It’s like everything he touches turns to gold. He could breathe onto a used diaper and the bidding for the diaper would start at $10K on eBay. That’s just the level of power and dominance you are dealing with when it comes to TB12.

In all seriousness, how scared is the guy who stole his jersey? That is some serious jail time if he gets caught. He probably had no idea at the time that the jersey would be worth half a million and the goddamn Texas Rangers would get involved. Plus, I feel like they hang people for this kinda thing in Texas. He will get caught too. You don’t just steal something of that nature and have it stay a secret. You eventually HAVE to tell someone that you have Tom Brady’s Superbowl jersey and it’s just collecting dust in your attic. You don’t just steal something of that nature and not spill the beans. Not possible.

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