Portsmouth Man Charged For Child Molestation


(www.newportpatch.com) Portsmouth Police charged a 26-year-old Portsmouth man with first degree child molestation after he was caught with a 13-year-old female in a car at the Common Fence Point Playground on March 29. Police conducted an investigation that concluded Tingstad had sexual intercourse with the girl, police said.

I know what your all thinking. “Old Sport, you must of inserted the wrong mugshot because there is no way this guy could be a child molester”. I know, I thought that to. But believe it or not, regardless of the friendly, heart-warming mugshot, this guy is in fact a child molester. Seriously though, whats going on with Portsmouth? Yesterday a guy is arrested for child porn, and now this dude gets caught getting his freak on with a 13 year old. C’mon dude, that’s fucked up. The worst part about it was that he was parked at a playground. You can’t be more obvious than that. Its too bad guys who commit these crimes don’t get beat up and ass-fucked in the showers in prison….. I hope this guy enjoys the rest of his life being a red dot on familywatchdog.com. I heard the ladies dig that.


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