Portsmouth Woman Attacks Guy who was Trying to Prevent her from Huffing Dust Destroyer


Police charged Sarah Elizabeth Mortimer, 24, of 247 Sakonnet Drive, Portsmouth, with domestic simple assault March 22 after she allegedly attacked a man who was trying to keep her from huffing from a can of Dust Destroyer

If someone is crazy enough to huff dust destroyer, then trying to stop them is even crazier. This lady NEEDED her fix. I mean NEEEEEDED IT. I heard of huffing spray paint but dust destroyer is a whole new level. That’s some 21st century, innovated shit right there. I know this guy was just trying to help, but if you see someone huffing dust destroyer, then you best just look the other way and let her do her thing. I wonder what kinda high you get from this? Like is it a happy high or get naked and steal your neighbors Christmas lights and put them on your house high? I’m leaning toward the second one. I’m gonna be the responsible guy and tell all of you that this is dangerous and shouldn’t be done, but at the same time, if it makes you go crazy and do blog worthy shit, then I’m all for it. Anything for more page views.

I just looked it up and I guess this is becoming “a thing” now. Who thinks of this stuff? Drug addicts do drug addict things I guess. All I know is this lady’s respiratory system is 100% dust free.

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