Former Providence Mayor Considers Purchasing Newport Grand to Transform It Into a World Class Establishment AKA Im Going To Be Broke



Former Providence Mayor and Developer/Investor Joseph Paolino Jr. said with Newport Grand seeing a decline in revenue and jobs in recent years and with Foxwoods talking about building a $1 billion casino in Fall River., Mass., he’s in negotiations to buy Newport Grand and transform it into a world class establishment to make Newport and Rhode Island proud. (newport patch)

What’s with government doing everything they can to make me poor? I’m not a good gambler. Never have been, never will be. In high school, we would have poker nights, and that lead to many pissed off nights and the 8 new holes in my basement door (long story, we were both bluffing, I should of folded, etc.). Then I dipped into betting on sports. Here I am thinking, “oh this is easy, I watch enough sports to be good at betting on games”. Then I lost hundreds and haven’t respected myself since.

First, we have the 1 billion dollar casino they’re building in Fall River. That wont be tempting or anything…Now we have the possibility of Newport Grand being renovated into another huge casino. Does the government want everyone on Aquidneck Island (most importantly me) going broke? Cause that will happen. If I pull out of my neighborhood and take a left, there’s a huge casino. I pull out of my neighborhood and take a right, again, there’s a huge casino. Im doomed. But I’ll eventually accept it. If it takes me going broke to fix Rhode Island’s economy, then consider it taking one for the team. Just as long as you build a statue after me or something.

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