Ranking Aquidneck Island Police Departments

Here we have the rankings of the 3 Aquidneck Island Police Departments (Portsmouth, Middletown, Newps)… Were ranking by which department you’d rather be dealing with in a situation where you may be getting arrested. Here goes nothing

Were gonna do this best to worst:

3. Newport PD


Newport cops have soooo much shit to deal with, most of it being drunk people. On one hand some cops get a kick out of watching drunk people. After all, most of them were doing the same thing before they were sworn in. On the flip side, because they deal with drunks all day, they are more likely to be dicks for no reason. After further analysis I have decided that Newport PD is your best bet on not getting arrested. If you show respect and cooperate with a Newport cop, maybe crack a joke or two, there gonna let you go. There people too and they understand that just one arrest can fuck you over in life. Plus its just more work for them to do, so most of the time they’ll just say fuck it.

2. Portsmouth PD


Portsmouth cops are always 50/50. Its the perfect balance of chill cops and scum bag cops. Ive been dealing with Portsmouth cops my entire life, and those from Portsmouth can agree, you can never know what to expect. They have nothing better to break up HS parties and bust kids for .1 grams of weed. I’ve been to parties where they come, tell you to quiet down, and leave. Other parties they come and arrest you for throwing away a beer can that wasn’t even their’s (you know who you are). If you know how to handle cops you should be fine, but if you disrespect them, they’ll throw you in the back of a cruiser and not think twice about it.

1. Middletown PD


The ultimate scum bag cops. Would pull over your grandma going 1 mph over the speed limit and ticket the shit out of her. The type of cops that get a high off of busting people for victimless crimes. Everyone knows the hot spots for the Middletown cops. Just the last people you wanna deal with. Give out DUI’s like candy on Halloween. Absolutely no way to talk your way out of anything. They have no remorse. You break the law, they’ll arrest/ticket you, no questions asked.


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