Red Sox Opening Day is Here


After 5 long months of off-season, it is officially Red Sox Season. For most of you this means, only 6 more months until MLB play-offs where I might actually care about baseball. But for others, like me, its a new beginning. Its the start to what looks like will be another amazing year. Even though the season is long, every game truly does matter, and as we learned from last year. a hot start from the Sox can lead us to a play off spot, and hopefully, to another championship. For those of you who don’t watch baseball religiously, it’s an awesome sport to watch with your buddies while crushing a few brews. It’s a game where you can just sit back and relax to. They play almost every night, so it’s something to watch whenever nothing else is on. We all loved the heart and personalities of the team last year, and this season will be no different. Just a bunch of crazy, fun, energetic, drunken, bearded idiots who win games. A team that perfectly represents the city of Boston.

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