Retired URI Professor Charged with Faking Degree


SCITUATE, R.I. — A retired University of Rhode Island professor faked his academic credentials and is facing charges of perjury, forgery and obtaining money under false pretenses, according to the state police. Frederick F. Meli,  64, of 24 N. Hillview Drive, Narragansett, was taken into custody Wednesday by members of the State Police Financial Crimes Unit. During a deposition, O’Donnell said, Meli testified under oath that he had earned a PhD from the University of Massachusetts and that the résumé he presented to the town prior to securing his employment was accurate and truthful. An investigation by the Financial Crimes Unit revealed that Meli never earned a PhD from the University of Massachusetts and that the diploma he presented had been forged, O’Donnell said. (Providence Journal)

If your smart enough to forge a diploma and get away with it for years, then you should be given a hundred diplomas. Im all for taking shortcuts in life, and Professor Meli took a shortcut that saved him years of hard work at school. Cheating the system is the way to go sometimes. I could spend years trying to get a PhD, or I could spend a week forging a degree to get any job I want. Just like that. No textbooks, no homework, no stress, no nothing. Obviously forging a degree isn’t easy, but it’s definitely easier/faster than going to school and getting it the “ethical” way. We have all seen “Catch Me If You Can”. Frank Abagnale faked his degree’s and certifications and became a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. Thats a true story too so you can’t tell me it isn’t possible. Your outsmarting the smart people, which in my mind, is genius.

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