Rhode Island may be the next state to offer free college tuition

Cash out those college savings account, they are no longer necessary!!! Wellllll, maybe don’t go that far, but look forward to a future with less financial pressure on college students.

A proposal put forth by Governor Gina Raimondo suggests making the first two years of college tuition free for Rhode Island residents. All Rhode Island residents who recently graduated from high school in the state would be eligible if they enroll at either University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island.

The goal is to encourage students to graduate on time. As of right now, fewer than half of URI students and 15% of RIC students finish in four years. Just 5% of CCRI students earn their degree in two years, according to the governor’s office. The governor’s office expects the program to benefit at least 7,000 students and cost $30 million each year once fully implemented.

As someone who is drowning in college debt, free tuition is something nobody should overlook. Hey it’s easier to take the state up on this offer rather than being that kid who thinks he can get through all their classes without buying their books then ends up texting the whole class the night before an exam asking to use theirs.

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