RI golfer uses club to defend himself from rabid animal

A Charlestown man was attacked by a rabid fox yesterday at Winnapaug Golf Course. The fox came out of nowhere and attempted to bite the golfer in the leg. He was able to defend himself with a golf club. After clubbing the animal once, the fox refused to quit attacking, so the golfer hit the fox twice more. Police say the fox had died by the time they arrived. The man was unharmed, only having a few bruises and scratches. Tests confirmed that the fox was indeed rabid.

If you’re a golfer, you know how clutch it is to have an awesome golf story. Next time this guy gets paired with another group or even if he’s just having a beer in the clubhouse after a round, he’ll be able to tell the story about the time he got attacked by a rabid fox. That is a story that will never fail to impress. An instant “holy shit” reaction. So maybe in that moment, yeah getting attacked by a fox kinda sucks. But now, this guy is on cloud nine. He’s the man that killed a rabid fox with his 7 iron. If that doesn’t instantly make you the alpha male of that golf course, I don’t know what will.

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