RI lawmakers to vote on paid sick days

A new proposal that would force private sector employers to provide up to 4 paid sick days to employees will be voted on today by the state Senate. Business groups are  making a lobbying effort in order to get the proposal denied. The legislation would exempt employers who employ 10 or less employees.

There is nothing more fulfilling than taking a full work day off and still getting paid for it. Something about depositing that next paycheck just feels so rewarding, like you’ve really earned that money. I’m not a politics guy, so I’m going to remain ignorant to the actual flaws of this proposal, and instead think about how cool it’s going to be to exploit the hell out of this. In the past, I’ve wanted to call out sick but don’t because making money is important if you want to be a big baller on the weekends. Getting paid for sick days is the difference between recklessly buying Tito’s+soda’s at the bar instead of shitty draft PBR, it’s the difference between ordering a quality late night pizza vs. Dominoes, it’s the difference between a day at Fenway and a day at McCoy Stadium and frankly, I have no desire to see a Paw Sox game.

PS- how much does Bill Belichick despise this? Probably leading the charge for the business groups lobbying the proposal and he doesn’t even live here.

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