RWU Releases A New Gym Dress Code That Basically Bans People

Roger Williams University has released a new dress code for the gym that includes a list of clothing that has been banned for sanitary and decency reasons. To read the specifics of the proposed policy, click here.

Let me be clear that at URI, we are not even allowed to wear TANK TOPS inside the gym to use the machines. Huge bummer. Last year I was told tank tops were banned mainly for the comfortability of others and the concern of body image. Honestly, I think if someone who doesn’t look like they should be wearing a tank top wears a tank top, but feels good and thinks they look good in this said tank top, who the hell says they can’t wear it? People are usually at the gym to scope themselves out in the mirror, they don’t care what you look like without sleeves. Another reason tank tops are not allowed (I was told this last year so I’m not sure if it still stands) is a health concern about MRSA pneumonia. I guess if you sweat all over a machine and don’t wipe it down you can give someone MRSA. I’m not a doctor but I think they just made that shit up because that definitely does not sound true.

So even though RWU is being banned from wearing a lot of clothing that is probably ideal for working out, I don’t feel that bad for them, because I go to URI and we still can’t wear tank tops, and you guys can… #salty.

Mike Gallagher, the assistant director of athletics, mentioned that a main concern was that students were not using the sanitary wipes after using the machines (also I think this is gross because we are adults and we should know this takes <10 seconds, so just do it), and apparently making kids wear less revealing clothing is going to fix it? This whole thing is a shit show. You have students originally wearing lower cut tank tops that expose a good amount of their back and sides, right? Okay so fix it by still letting them wear tank tops that just expose less of that? Is that going to make them sweat on the machines less? Someone please enlighten me.

I’m with RWU student Nicholas Manzi, with the, “what are we in middle school?” comment. Absolute classic, I’m right there with you. It seems no matter what age you are, school always finds a way to fuck with you. Good luck in the gym, Hawks.

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