Senator Josh Miller Apologizes for Telling Some Nut Job to Go Fuck Himself


State Senator Josh Miller (D-Cranston) has issued an apology for swearing last week at a representative of what he calls “a website notorious for conspiracy theories.” Video of the encounter, following a March 18 Statehouse rally for tighter gun restrictions shows Miller (adult content) uttering an expletive to Dan Bidondi.

Josh Miller is the bad boy of politics and Im all for it. If your not familiar with the story, some whack job who represents a website notorious for conspiracy theories started berating members of the coalition and intimidating elderly veterans, members of the clergy and victims of violence. He insulted an old, elderly woman and swung his camera toward Senator Miller, who then told him to “go fuck himself”. I love this guy. He knows the camera’s are rolling and that anything he says can make a direct impact to his political career. Yet hes the only one with balls big enough to tell this guy off. He apologized of course but we all know he did the right thing.

I dont know too much about Senator Miller, but from what I get, hes more man than any of us. The type of guy chases Whiskey with Vodka. Who laughs at all the scary parts to horror movies. He doesn’t let the rules of politics dictate what he does. Probably parks in the handicap spot at the State House cause he knows no one can touch him. Definitely can grill the fuck out of a steak.Senator Josh Miller, your alright in my book, better than alright.

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