South Kingstown Police cracking down on fake IDs

URI students beware, South Kingstown Police are supposedly cracking down on fake ID usage in the area. URI Communications recently sent out an email to their student body which said the following,

On the other hand, the South Kingstown Police Department wants all students to be aware that using fake IDs to enter drinking establishments in South County is illegal and is being pursued aggressively by police. Although some may see this behavior as a minor infraction, it is still illegal. All students are responsible for their actions when they are off campus, visiting other campuses, other states, and other countries.

Fake IDs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There will always be newer and better IDs, followed by newer and better ways to detect them, followed by newer and better IDs, and on and on and on… You have to respect the local police departments for attempting to get into the heads of students under the age of 21. Classic scare tactic. We’ll see, but I highly doubt this will change any 19-year old’s mind when it comes to getting a fake.

I’m not saying that I condone getting a fake ID, but ummm ya we’ll go with that.

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