Spring Time Is Here…Are You Golfing or Fishing?


There’s so much to do in the spring, but for most guys, 2 activities are at the top of the list. Golfing and fishing. Both are awesome with a lot of things in common. They both involve getting out of the house on a nice day, getting together with some buddies, crushing some brews, complaining about your girlfriend/wife, etc. Having a bad golf day is worse than failing the SAT’s and getting gonorrhea on the same day. You go into your round thinking “Im feeling it today, Im gonna shoot par, nothings gonna get in my way”. Then by the 3rd hole, you’ve already lost half your golf balls and can’t stop swearing at yourself. You start cheating to avoid embarrassment and you realize you still have 3 more hours of sucking before you can hit the bar.

Fisherman must deal with the slow days where they can’t get one bite. Half the guys want to call it a day, while the other half refuse to leave until they catch something. You spend your entire day casting out your line and reeling it back in until you eventually die of boredom. You finally think you have a bite, only to realize your reeling in seaweed. To sum things up, golf and fishing are both a lot of fun, until you start doing bad. Your either catching a ton of fish and sinking par putts, or your miserable as fuck and hate yourself for even trying. I think its a fair assumption to say someone is either a “golf person” or “fishing person”. You can be a golf person that fishes every once in a while, or vice versa, but you can’t be both. Which one do you prefer?

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