Study Confirms What We Already Knew: Living Near Water Reduces Stress

Another pointless study that confirms something we already knew, but because it benefits us, we get to brag about it. According to Health & Place, living by the water is actually a lot cooler than living any where else! Noooo wayyy, right? Kinda hard to believe that living in a place like this:

is a lot less stressful than living in a place like this:

I honestly just feel bad for the people living in the Midwest. I know they have a lot of pride in their farms and lack of cell service, but they just don’t know what they’re missing. For us, summer means going to the beach, going out on boats, fishing, surfing, all the good stuff. Take water out of the equation, and summer kinda sucks. Just more sweating than usual and shitty farmer tans. There’s a reason people vacation in the Bahamas and not Iowa. Water is crack to a drug addict, you’re just happier when you’re in close proximity to it.

PS- I wonder what the next thing science will prove is? Eating McDonalds everyday makes you fat? Feeding your dog human food makes them like you a lot more? The sun is hot? 

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