Thought Winter was Over?


Core of the storm could dump 1-2 feet of snow. Any movement on storm track will mean a significantly different forecast. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Watch for Newport County, which will go into effect Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.The weather service is forecasting heavy snow with blowing and drifting and six inches or more is possible depending on the exact track of the storm.

What would living in New England be without a late-March snow storm following 2 weeks of nice weather. This happens every year. We get a taste of warm weather and put it in our mind that Winter is over, and then Winter comes along and slaps us all in the face with one last dump of snow.

If you say that you like snow and are older than 14, then you are lying to yourself. Do you like getting your car stuck? Do you enjoy shoveling driveways? Listen, my porch gets so icy when it snows, to the point where if I don’t fall and eat shit more than twice a day I consider it an underdog victory. Ice just kicks my ass. I probably could sue my landlord for all the physical and mental (mostly mental) damage I get from slipping on ice. Total confidence buster.

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