Tiverton Charges 18 Year Old with Alleged Bomb Threat


TIVERTON, R.I. — The police said they have charged an 18-year-old Tiverton man with allegedly making a bomb threat in the form of a note at Tiverton High School on March 17.

Kids are so fucking stupid now’a days. If your dumb enough to make a bomb threat, at least do it right. Im not sure how he got caught but I guarantee you he blabbered it to all his friends not realizing its a felony and could face jail time. You just don’t make bomb jokes anymore. Not after the 2013 Marathon Bombings and all the other bombings that happen on a daily basis across the globe. I get that its an easy way to get school cancelled, but is it really worth it? Ever hear or skipping school? Yeah its this thing where you leave school during school hours. The best part is if you get caught its usually just a detention or two. Not a felony charge. So next time you don’t study for a test, you may just want to try faking sick or something vs making a bomb threat. Just saying.

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