Two Glocester Kids Caught Video Taping Two Girls While They Were Changing


According to Glocester police, the two Ponaganset High School students set up hidden cameras in one of their Glocester bedrooms and secretly recorded at least two victims by activating the cameras with their smart phones. Police received a report stating that the teens had invited the young women over to a home to use the hot tub. Police were told that the teens instructed the victims to change into their bathing suits in one of the bedrooms, while being videotaped without their consent. “The victims were very young,” Glocester Police Chief Joe Del Prete said. “And there are indications this has been going on for several months.”

If only there was a type of website you could go on to view pictures, or even videos, of naked girls, so you wouldn’t have to film them while they were changing. Sounds like a billion dollar idea if you ask me. Someone should jump on that.

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