Update: There Were Actually 101 People who got Arrested Saturday…Here are more details


Here’s the list of the arrests made Saturday:

  • 91 municipal court summons….way to go Newps
  • 64 open containers….no surprise
  • 5 drinking in public…its the best place to drink
  • 22 minor in possession…been there done that
  • 1 misrepresentation….get a better fake bro
  • 9 urinating in public….tradition none the less
  • 5 disorderly…not too bad
  • 1 marijuana….c’mon man
  • 11 other misdemeanors…bravo
  • 1 DUI…shockingly low
  • 2 littering….littering..my favorite past time

There you have it. Earlier we reported there were 89 arrests, but I guess that number has been bumped up to 101. Here are my thoughts about the arrests:

. Im pretty shocked there was only 1 DUI. Usually theres at least a dozen and I was kinda banking on some funny DUI stories to blog about.

Must suck to get arrested for littering. I get away with it 3748 times out of 3748

I just read there were 162 arrests in 2009. Damn I wish I was there that year.

Only 9 public urination? I guess people learn from previous years where the best pee spots are

To the 1 dude who got caught with a fake and the 1 person caught with the weed. Way to be different

To the 22 minors in possession…Hope mommy and daddy go easy on you

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