URI students riot on campus after Patriots win Super Bowl (videos)

New England Patriots, 2016-17 Super Bowl Champions… Has a nice ring to it huh? New England fans are used to the whole ‘winning the super bowl’ thing, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by all of the celebrations that followed the big win on Sunday. That just goes to show that New England / Boston fans are literally the best.

If you are a URI student who regularly checks your email, you probably got an email from the school in anticipation for the celebrations that were to follow if the Pats won. This came from that email,

As a reminder for all of our students who live down-the-line or at other off-campus locations, respect your neighbors and their property, before, during and after game. Remember, if you have encounters with the Narragansett Police, your actions will likely result in student disciplinary action.

As always, our focus is on fun, but responsible and safe celebrations. Housing staff and the URI Police Department are counting on the cooperation of everyone in the community. A safe celebration means that alcohol and drugs, fireworks and property damage are not part of the game plan. If students violate these prohibitions, they will be subject to the Student Conduct Process and/or arrest.

Valiant effort by URI to try to persuade kids not to drink and cause a rukus on campus. But it’s college… What do you really expect? We’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Video’s from Luke Harrington and M G

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