Welcome Back To Salve!

about3Welcome back Seahawks, it’s time to get your digestive tracks ready for some good old Miley cooking. First day of class is in the books, the second day is now underway, and as if being back on campus wasn’t good enough for you just think on the bright side, TOM BRADY IS FUCKING FREE!!!

Pats are on tonight, there’s a smell of freshmen vomit in the air, and the tourists still don’t know where the Breakers is, goddammit it’s good to be back.

Fall sports are back into the mix with the football, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey teams all back out there kicking ass and taking names. The first weekend of the year is coming up and it’s sure to be filled with the destruction of your liver and, at least three freshmen hospital trips. Schools back in session guys get your asses in gear and get your big boy pants ready.

PS: Any funny ass stories or pictures happening on campus throw it our way and we’ll get it out on the old inter web.

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