What’s Happening in the Oreo Aisle?

What the hell is happening at Oreo headquarters? For years they were cruising along as the kings of the cookie aisle, and then all of a sudden, they started getting a little crazy. It’s like their new philosophy is that there is no bad idea in cookie flavors. C’mon on now fellas, this is the Oreo we’re taking about. The classic. The legend. What’s with all the crazy flavors?

The newest creation to find it’s way into the cookie aisle is the Peeps Flavored Oreo. That’s right – Peeps, the bright-colored, sugarcoated marshmallows shaped liked melting ducks. You’ve probably seen them before at your grandmother’s house where she bought a package back in 1989 and still brings them out of her attic every Easter. Now they’ve gone ahead and mixed them into the creme filling of and Oreo and spread it between two golden cookies.  They’re bright pink in the middle, with a tiny shimmer to them cast from the granules of sugar that are part of the whole Peep experience. Did we really need this?

These bad boys have been popping up all over social media lately, mostly with confused or mad emojis alongside them. They are only available for a limited time, obviously just for Easter season, so before they are gone, we figured we’d give them a quick taste test so you know weather or not they’re worth putting in your Easter basket.  We took one for the team. They were available at our local grocery store in the midst of the sea of Oreo flavors.  Have you looked at the Oreo aisle lately? Regular, Golden and Double Stuf are of course the big three, but now there’s Oreo Thins, Oreo Minis, Chocolate Oreos, Mint Oreos, Peanut Butter. Even Spring Oreos, whatever Spring tastes like (I’m guessing copulating robins).

The cookie part of the Peeps Oreo is the same as any Golden Oreo. It’s nice and crisp and there is a faint taste of vanilla in the flavor.  It’s actually kind of a plain cookie, but you would know that if you have ever eaten an Oreo before.  The creme filling definitely tasted like a Peep. It had that distinct marshmallow flavor although it was mixed with the usual Oreo creme filling so it had a smoothness to it and no sticky marshmallow texture.  Almost like a marshmallow frosting. There were sugar granules mixed throughout giving you the impression that all they really did was grind up some Peeps into the creme. To be honest, the combo of the two were pretty good. Sweet and crunchy. The verdict is that they can definitely hold up in an Easter basket as a special treat.

They are good by themselves, but they could also be as versatile as a regular Oreo. Crush them up and mix in with some vanilla ice cream, and you have a whole new cookies and cream flavor with a delightful pink hue.  You could also toss some in a blender with some ice cream, some Whipped Cream flavored vodka and some Kahlúa (maybe some milk and ice too) and have yourself a pretty nice little adult Cookies and Cream drink. Possibilities.

Someone has to get a message to the folks at Oreo: simmer down. We like you, but you’re trying to hard to impress us. Let us just savor the Oreo cookie we know and love.  Before you know it, you’ll push us too far and we’ll give up on you. We see you coming with your crazy new flavors (they have Waffles & Syrup Oreos and Firework Oreos with Pop Rock Candy coming soon.)  Slow it down. You may just flavor yourself out of our shopping cart.

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