Whoever Actually Believes Donald Trump Bought the Breakers Doesn't Know How April Fools Works



So last night, thenewportbuzz.com posted that Donald Trump bought The Breakers Mansion for 55 million dollars and is gonna turn it into a hotel/casino. If you actually believe this then you should probably turn in your high school diploma and just start all over. Do you really think people would allow Newport’s most historic mansion to be turned into a casino? I personally think that would be sick, but Im a realist and I know that would never happen. Do you think its any coincidence they posted this the day before April Fools? The whole point of April Fools is to trick people into believing something that would never happen. You make a fool out of somebody, you say “April Fools” after, and then you share a laugh together.

Do you really think that thenewportbuzz.com would the ones breaking this story? Google “Donald Trump Buys Breakers” and see if any other reliable news source has reported it. The answer is none of them have. So if your using thenewportbuzz.com as your prime news source then you have bigger issues than believing this. This story has bullshit written all over it. Dont be that guy at work today who tells everybody this and gets everyone’s hopes up only to get embarrassed when thenewportbuzz.com tells everyone it was just a joke. So for the sake of human intelligence, don’t believe this story.

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