50 Things to do in Newport (Summer Edition)- #3

You spent all your money going out last night, didn’t get laid, can’t find your car let alone your keys, tore up from the floor up, and worse you’re hungry, what are you going to do?   407572_483415848362412_132542199_nBen’s Chili Dogs is your answer. Located on Broadway in Newport, you can grab a great hot dog piled high with chili, chourico, or cheese, maybe even combine the three if your feeling adventurous. Not only that but they have been expanding their menu, now you can get enough french fries to feed two full cars fresh off the Ocean Drive for just two dollars. I have yet to stray from my regular order of two dogs one with chili cheese and celery salt, one with chourico, but I have heard that their lobstah rolls rivals those of the Easton’s Beach Snack Shack.

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